What is the easiest pet to care for?
2005-12-14 11:19:14 UTC
What is the easiest pet to care for?
Six answers:
2005-12-14 11:21:06 UTC
Pet Rock
Nick N
2005-12-14 19:21:25 UTC
I'd have to say a cat. Cleaning a litter box and putting food out daily is easier than keeping a fish tank going, and their natural cleanliness is usually very compatible with human cohabitation. You can also leave the house for 1-2 days without cause for concern, since you can leave extra food out and trust the cat to not overeat.

Cats are somewhat aloof but I enjoy the company of our cat. We also have a dog, which is much more akin to having a toddler around all the time, completely incapable of caring for itself or making good decisions, but also very loving. Dogs are definitely NOT the easiest pet.
2005-12-14 19:22:16 UTC
Cats - they're so independent. They can even catch their own food, if need be.
2005-12-14 19:20:48 UTC
A cat!
2005-12-14 19:20:30 UTC
an ant farm
2005-12-14 19:20:46 UTC
a cat~

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