When a chinchilla has kits what is the best way to find them good homes?
2005-12-16 17:37:07 UTC
My chinchilla is going to have kits and I know that I have to keep them for awile but when they grow up what is the best way to find and make sure they are going to good homes? I am just scared that who ever gets them will not really know how to take care of them.
One answer:
2005-12-16 21:34:26 UTC
Honestly, unless you give them to family members, then you can't guarantee anything. Or another way is to ask your local vet to put up an adoption sign, and then only give them away to people who have chinchillas already. When my chinchilla had babies, we kept them. Keeping 4 has been the same as keeping 2, except for getting them fixed. Generally vets don't like to operate on the females because it's more risky, so they opt to operate on the males. If you have a good vet you could ask for a deal if you have more than 1 male.

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