dogs or cats?
Maria Maria
2005-12-14 22:45:51 UTC
dogs or cats?
Five answers:
2005-12-15 09:24:36 UTC
If you're looking for a pet that's a lot of fun to be with but are willing to put the work into training him/her and accept the impact a dog could have on your life than dogs would fit well. But it isn't always easy to leave them at home, you could end up with a dog that's high-maintenance. But if you're looking for a good low-maintenance pet that's easy, doesn't usually require a lot of attention, easily potty-trainable, and just as cute and cuddly than a cat might be better. But it can vary how friendly cats are. Although in general I'd say they're a lot more sociable and friendlier than most people say, especially if they're raised and kept in-doors. The outdoor cats I know are much more independent.
2005-12-14 22:52:53 UTC
Dogs & Ferrets
2005-12-14 23:00:22 UTC
I love dogs.
2005-12-15 00:09:43 UTC
Definitely dogs; they're cute, loyal, fun to play with, and help guard you against unwanted strangers. My favorite breed is Dachshund.
2005-12-14 22:47:59 UTC

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